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TASTIER THAN THOU - It’s My Vinyl!, July 17, 2010

April 23rd, 2011

This episode of It's My Vinyl features the LP Tasty by the Good Rats, released originally on Warner Bros. Records.  The album used for this program was the original Warner Bros. pressing.

The Good Rats, originally based in Long Island, had one album in the 1960s on Kapp Records, and then were signed to Warner Bros, and later Passport.  When sales dropped (or failed to substantiate a record contract deal), they were dropped and founded Ratcity Records, which issued several of the out-of-print albums for a period of time.  Since the digital age, many post-Kapp Good Rats albums are available on CD.  Peppi Marchello, principal founding member and songwriter, also had a short stint in the 1980s producing Fiona for Atlantic Records.  The Good Rats reunite with a modified personnel list, sometimes including offspring, from time to time and are known to perform in Metro NYC and sometimes upstate New York.  They had a loyal fan base in the Rochester NY area and often played a nightclub there, the Penny Arcade.

This program aired on July 17, 2010, between 4am and 5am, and is dedicated to my friend, Johnny Goldchains.

PS - the Kapp album may be considered more rare than most of their other material.

NOT OZZY & Gershwin Rats - It’s My Viny!! on 2010.07.10

April 23rd, 2011

Jeffery Osborne (not Ozzy) is featured on this episode of It's My Vinyl !!, along with the ballad, "Songwriter", from The Good Rats' Tasty album.  The pressing used was the original Warner Bros. release before they (GR) were dropped and had reissued the album on their own Ratcity Records.  Peppi Marchello references Gershwin in "Songwriter", thus the reference in our cheeky episode title.  Other tracks include vinyl from Scritti Politti, Andreas Vollenweider, and some jazz from a cassette tape that appeared to be an in-store sampler for RCA Records.

This program was aired between 4am and 5am on July 10, 2010.

Be an Old Soul…Bandwagon 2010.07.10

April 23rd, 2011

This episode of the Bandwagon features some great material coming from Johnny Society founding member Kenny Siegal's studio in Catskill NY, Old Soul Studios, as well as some ventures of his before the studio was in service...including (but not limited to) Kenny Siegal himself, his wife Gwen Snyder, known as Blueberry, and some other gems.  In addition, you'll hear from Sam Scozzari, Resurrection, Exit 47, and many more unsigned acts.

the program aired between 5am and 6am on July 10, 2010.

Note: Wildman Wilson and his Wild Wilson Show can be heard on 24/7 Polka Heaven, an internet radio station.  The rap in the program may not have been comprehensive enough to get you to him.  Wildman Wilson was kind enough to upload a June 2010 episode of The Friday All Night Show, in its entirety, on his website, WildWilson dot com.  He can also be heard at YouShook, another Internet station, with non-polka fun as well as the polka-thang.  Big thanks to the Wildman for his support!!

the program closed with Paul McCartney & MIchael Jackson perfoming the album version of "Say Say Say".


March 4th, 2011

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The BANDWAGON: April 03, 2010

March 3rd, 2011

An hour of connections, literally and figuratively...unsigned artists with a chunk of material linked to or from Rochester NY...the b-side of that Resurrection single played during It's My Vinyl !!!, a track co-written by John Kralles and Sam Scozzari, "Keep On Lovin'", featuring Kevin Dehond on lead vocals, and then Kevin Dehond's new solo material from his latest album, Life In A Box, into a Sam Scozzari demo, "Baby I Do", which was recorded on a hand-held cassette player. 

The program continues with Rochesterian and former Duke Jupiter founding member, Marshall Styler, from his latest instrumental works.  Avi Wisnia, good friend of LiLi Roquelin, who performed a song co-written with Sam Scozzari ("Come And Hear My Story") in the first hour, and then another track during this hour from her new album, Will You Hate The Rest Of The World Or Will You Renew Your Life?, "Give You My Love".  Sam Scozzari draft song receptor (but he hasn't recorded one, yet!), Dan Ferrari, is also featured, and then followed by a reunited Two's Company from Rochester NY playing the track, "I Wanna Girl", co-authored by lead vocalist and keyboardist Frank Herkimer and, you guessed it!, Sam Scozzari.  Other superb unsigned artist are also featured in this hour, and they are discussed during the podcast, so check it out! 

The program closes as it started at 03:00 with music from Todd Rundgren's Something/Anything?, an inspiration to many.  This program aired between 5am and 6am.

2010.04.03 - IT’s MY VINYL !!!

March 3rd, 2011

Working with only one turntable, because the other had lost a channel, wax was spun one single at a time (no [radio] sequeways), including sides from Fats Domino, the Delphonics, Chicago (a single edit of "25 Or 6 To 4" b/w "Where Do We Go From Here?", both sung by Peter Cetera), Deep Purple's "Emaretta", the Boss, Resurrection (unsigned from Rochester NY circa 1982), and the Dirt Band's "American Dream" featuring Linda Rondstadt on backing more stuff.  Aired between 4am and 5am.

FANS (Friday All Night Show) - April 3. 2010 first hour

March 3rd, 2011

Music includes Todd Rundgren, tracks from the UK LP stereo mix of Help! by The Beatles, Bill Miller, and unsigned artists, LiLi Roquelin (NYC) and Kevin Dehond (Rochester NY).  Hosted by Sam Scozzari, this program aired on April 3, 2010, between 3am and 4am as the first hour of the Friday All Night Show on WWUH-FM 91.3 from Hartford CT.

2009 ARCHIVE from January ‘09

March 3rd, 2011

It is believed that this is an episode from January 2009 (date unknown).  The upload begins while It's My Vinyl !! is in progress, and then continues with unsigned artists as The Band Wagon is broadcast after that.  Both segments are part of the Friday All Night Show with host Sam Scozzari on WWUH-FM from Hartford CT USA.

Unsigned artists include Exit 47 (North Central CT), Cassandra Kubinski (NYC), Catfish Jam (Westfield MA), and Sam Scozzari (NYC) with "It's the Way You Play the Game", the demo that later evolved into "Come And Hear My Story" for NYC singer/songwriter LiLi Roquelin (listen to the April 3, 2010 episode of the Band Wagon for LiLi's version).

For unknown reasons, this episode dedicated more time to signed artists than usual, including a live version of "Fire And Ice" by Pat Benatar, "For Pete's Sake", written by Mansfield CT resident, Peter Tork, and serving as the closing theme from the TV program, The Monkees (seasons 2, 3, and reruns), Fleetwood Mac's "Say You Love Me", Bruce Springsteen, Marvin Gaye, America, and Dire Straits.

ARCHIVE from Summer 2008

March 3rd, 2011

This is a rebroadcast of The Bandwagon segment of the Friday All Night Show on WWUH-FM in Hartford CT, featuring unsigned artists.  It is believed that this episode aired in August 2008 (exact date is unknown).  It appears that the upload intercepts the It's My Vinyl!! segment of the FANS, which was featuring the follow up album to Duke Jupiter's Duke Jupiter I (featured on The Bandwagon from April 12, 2008), their fifth album, You Make It Look Easy...Easy was the second and final album for Coast to Coast Records, produced by Ashley Howe, and features significant songwriting collaboration among Rochester NY writers in the Duke Jupiter circle (Gary Quinn from Knots, and Marshall Styler's brother, Jay Styler, of Ariel and M-Squad) as well as a cover of Jack Greene's "This Is Japan" from his Humanesque album on RCA.  The full Duke Jupiter album can be found on a forthcoming podcast episode of It's My Vinyl, in which that episode also includes Jack Greene's version of "This Is Japan".

Most important is the Band Wagon and unsigned artists that comprise most of this podcast.  You'll hear from Nashville's Kayte Strong, a Sam Scozzari demo from the forthcoming Some of Adam's DNA album, Selfish Steam from New England, Rocker from Rochester NY, Cassandra Kubinski from NYC, some fine rock by Exit 47 from North/Central Connecticut, and the Terraplanes from Western Massachusets. 

After the unsigned artists, the show closes out with "Elenore" by the Turtles and "The Break Up Song" from the Greg Khin Band.

Bandwagon ARCHIVE: April 12, 2008

March 3rd, 2011

This is the Bandwagon segment of the Friday All Night Show that was broadcast on April 12, 2008, 5am - 6am.   The program features a Rochester NY band, Duke Jupiter, and tracks from their fourth album, Duke Jupiter I.  It is perceived that the band wanted a new image, so after some personnel and music direction changes, their new label, Coast to Coast Records (distributed by CBS Records and owned by Fred Frank of BT Express fame) promoted them with the image that this was their first album, thus the title.  It is the last album featuring bassist George Barajas, who is featured on the cover and on some of the tracks.  The album also features new bassist Rickey Ellis.  Drummer Dave Corcoran makes his album debut here with Duke Jupiter, but had appeared on record previously as their drummer for the Powerglide Records EP, Begin Again, which was released between their contracts with Mercury Records and CBS, and likely used as an instrument to shop a new record deal.  

Other artists on this episode include Selfish Steam with members from Suffield CT and Western Massachusetts, as well as The Terraplanes, also from Western Massachusetts, both of which have sinced ceased recording and performing.  You'll also hear Cassandra Kubinski from NYC, the EZ Powell Band from Atlanta, Rocker from Rock-chester NY, solo James Adamo from NYC and originally from the Syracuse-Rochester NY areas via his work with the Todd Hobin Band, and a cut from Brooklyn prog rockers, Jupiter One from their album Jupiter One (no relation to Duke Jupiter I).  The show ends with Eagles' title track from Long Road Out of Eden; and then you can hear a bit of the musical wakeup call known as Polka Madness and DJ Johnny Prytko.