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2009 ARCHIVE from January ‘09

March 3rd, 2011

It is believed that this is an episode from January 2009 (date unknown).  The upload begins while It's My Vinyl !! is in progress, and then continues with unsigned artists as The Band Wagon is broadcast after that.  Both segments are part of the Friday All Night Show with host Sam Scozzari on WWUH-FM from Hartford CT USA.

Unsigned artists include Exit 47 (North Central CT), Cassandra Kubinski (NYC), Catfish Jam (Westfield MA), and Sam Scozzari (NYC) with "It's the Way You Play the Game", the demo that later evolved into "Come And Hear My Story" for NYC singer/songwriter LiLi Roquelin (listen to the April 3, 2010 episode of the Band Wagon for LiLi's version).

For unknown reasons, this episode dedicated more time to signed artists than usual, including a live version of "Fire And Ice" by Pat Benatar, "For Pete's Sake", written by Mansfield CT resident, Peter Tork, and serving as the closing theme from the TV program, The Monkees (seasons 2, 3, and reruns), Fleetwood Mac's "Say You Love Me", Bruce Springsteen, Marvin Gaye, America, and Dire Straits.