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NOT OZZY & Gershwin Rats - It’s My Viny!! on 2010.07.10

April 23rd, 2011

Jeffery Osborne (not Ozzy) is featured on this episode of It's My Vinyl !!, along with the ballad, "Songwriter", from The Good Rats' Tasty album.  The pressing used was the original Warner Bros. release before they (GR) were dropped and had reissued the album on their own Ratcity Records.  Peppi Marchello references Gershwin in "Songwriter", thus the reference in our cheeky episode title.  Other tracks include vinyl from Scritti Politti, Andreas Vollenweider, and some jazz from a cassette tape that appeared to be an in-store sampler for RCA Records.

This program was aired between 4am and 5am on July 10, 2010.