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ARCHIVE from Summer 2008

March 3rd, 2011

This is a rebroadcast of The Bandwagon segment of the Friday All Night Show on WWUH-FM in Hartford CT, featuring unsigned artists.  It is believed that this episode aired in August 2008 (exact date is unknown).  It appears that the upload intercepts the It's My Vinyl!! segment of the FANS, which was featuring the follow up album to Duke Jupiter's Duke Jupiter I (featured on The Bandwagon from April 12, 2008), their fifth album, You Make It Look Easy...Easy was the second and final album for Coast to Coast Records, produced by Ashley Howe, and features significant songwriting collaboration among Rochester NY writers in the Duke Jupiter circle (Gary Quinn from Knots, and Marshall Styler's brother, Jay Styler, of Ariel and M-Squad) as well as a cover of Jack Greene's "This Is Japan" from his Humanesque album on RCA.  The full Duke Jupiter album can be found on a forthcoming podcast episode of It's My Vinyl, in which that episode also includes Jack Greene's version of "This Is Japan".

Most important is the Band Wagon and unsigned artists that comprise most of this podcast.  You'll hear from Nashville's Kayte Strong, a Sam Scozzari demo from the forthcoming Some of Adam's DNA album, Selfish Steam from New England, Rocker from Rochester NY, Cassandra Kubinski from NYC, some fine rock by Exit 47 from North/Central Connecticut, and the Terraplanes from Western Massachusets. 

After the unsigned artists, the show closes out with "Elenore" by the Turtles and "The Break Up Song" from the Greg Khin Band.