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December 21st, 2010


SANTABEAR - DEC 5, 2009 It’s My (Archive) Vinyl !!!!!

December 8th, 2010

This archive from almost exactly one year ago features the narrated Santabear's First Christmas and an assortment of rock Christmas recordings, such as David Clayton Thomas, Firefall (without Rick Roberts - I know this from an awkward meeting with him where I asked him to autograph the soundsheet of "Christmas In Love"...oops!  he was gracioius, though), the Kinks, Blue Laser, and a few surprises...

DECEMBER 4, 2010: the Band Wagon (unsigned artists)

December 8th, 2010

Unsigned artists featured on December 4 include Alicia Angel, Caleb Hawley, Waty, a holiday sentiment from UK's Lisa Redford ("New Year's Day"), Kylie Edmund, the Dare Ya Blues Band with a cover of The Ides of March's "Vehicle", Kayte Strong with a cover of "You've Got A Friend", Virma, and The EZ Powell Band, ...the unsigned portion of the hour completes with The Cambridge Harmonica Orchestra performing "Joy To The World", a 33-1/3 RPM 7-inch EP that was traded in 1983 with the then bassist from Roomful of Blues in return for a Michael Jackson 45 of "Billy Jean" with a non-album b-side...then a few SIGNED artists to take us to 6am:  Eagles with "Please Come Home For Christmas", the first release with Timothy B. Schmidt replacing Randy Meisner, Elton John's "Step Into Christmas", and unsigned bed music, Martha Bernstein's instrumental version of "Cinderella Falling".

The show ends with the beginning of Polka Madness hosted by Johnny Prytko.

DEC 4, 2010: It’s My Vinyl !!!!

December 8th, 2010

Christmastime with Vinyl: Bruce Springsteen's "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" from the b-side of "My Hometown" (one 'town' per side down at Columbia?), and the same cut is also found on Sesame Street's album In Harmony 2.  The Crystals with an excerpt from Phil Spector's Christmas Album (Phil Spector's Christmas Single - actually a 3-song 7-inch dia 45 rpm EP), and the same song "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"...David McDonald circa 1981 from Rochester NY and a holiday original, from a 45 on DRC records produced by Scott Meade.  The Beatles with the "Nowhere Man"/"What Goes On?" single, Capitol 5587, the latter being Ringo's first song authorship...first pressings of the single and album "Yesterday"...And Today, credited the song to Lennon/McCartney, but follow-on pressings corrected the credit to read "Lennon-McCartney-Starkey".  This version is in mono, but the stero version gives you more audible "off-mike" vocals from Ringo...try it sometime....the hour continues with Keith Richards' first solo recording, a single on Rolling Stones Records from the late 70s, Chuck Berry's "Run Rudolph Run".  We're saving the b-side, Jimmy Cliff's "The Harder They Come", for post-Holiday episodes...then nothing solo from Keith for over a decade (except a token lead vocal or two on Rolling Stones albums, and that Barbarians community service thing in Canada)...the hour continues with The Cowsills' "Hair", The Left Banke walking away from Renee, David Clayton Thomas's version of Joni Mitchell's "River" from a MusicGram soundsheet included with a Christmas greeting card, Donny Hatheway's "This Christmas" from a mono promo single on Atco, and a series of "O's"...Jeffery Osborne, Ozo, and Oxo...and of course, Wonderdog's instrumental version of "A Christmas Tail (instrumental disco mix)" and Rob Wasserman's version of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" used as bed music throughout the hour.

December 4, 2010: The Friday Allnight Show - first hour

December 8th, 2010

...fading in from John Scott's Underground Radio, midnight to 3am, the show kicks off with the album version of "Hello It's Me" from Todd Rundgren, continues with a preview of unsigned artists Addie Browlee (originally featured on the now infamous suspended Nov 20 podcast of The Band Wagon), Caleb Hawley from NYC with a track from his new album We All Got Problems, and Kylie Edmund from Australia,  Next is Rob Wasserman with a track from his Trios album featuring various trios with other artists, and a [Christmas?] collaboration he had with Edie Brickel and Jerry Garcia.  As the program continues with some rather mainstream material (why not be alternative to alternative?): we hear "Ironic" (is situational or cosmic irony really irony or ironic-in-nature in the purest form of the word?) from Alannis Morissette, The Four Tops (two from the four!), and Shawn Colvin telling me to get out of her house, and rightly so if I had acted like that!! (a song I've always wanted to play on the radio - one can't play it too loud!).  Remember Nu Shooz from Seattle ("I Can't Wait")? or Duran Duran from the early Y2Ks?  The DD track is their 2004 "comeback" that is superior to their main catalogue from the 80s (my opinion, not a tangible fact).  Wrap up the hour with another unsigned artist, Waty, a very signed artist, Roy Orbison, and a beautiful Jeff Lynee-produced track from Mystery Girl (George H on background vocals), and some country from 1994....

NOV 20, 2010: The Band Wagon

November 26th, 2010

This podcast has been temporarily suspended until a copyright issue for one of the unsigned artists has been resolved.  SalmonAllnight apologizes for any inconvenience and encourages you to check out one of our other episodes.  Future episodes will be uploaded within the next 7 days.  Thank you for your patience.

NOV 20, 2010: It’s My Vinyl

November 26th, 2010

The Beatles' "We Can Work it Out" single, Capitol 5555, with its flip side, "Day Tripper", presented here in mono, just as you would have heard it on the AM radio or the mono version of the US album, "Yesterday"...And Today; then from the Warner/Reprise Loss Leader, Hot Platters, is "Blues Plate Special" (Side 4), with Ry Cooder, Big Mama Thornton, John D. Loudermilk, Beaver & Krause, Ronnie Milsap, and Mother Earth...continuing in the folksey vein are artists such as Raffi with the title track from his adult-hood attempt, Evergreen Everblue, Merle Haggard with one of three live versions of "Okie From Muskogee", and Jim Croce's single "I Got A Name" with its b-side, which is also an album track from I Got A Name, "Alabama Rain".  Due to a defective CDR, the recording of today's segments were shifted by ten minutes, thus one track that was intended for The Band Wagon, is featured here on It's My Vinyl: Dane Scozzari with a track from 2010: Profile of Humanity, an actual recording that was made live at Milard Auditorium at the University of Hartford in April 2010 (it was a senior recital - Dane is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of University of Hartford's Hartt School of Music).  The Band Wagon continues on the Nov 20 post.

NOV 20, 2010: The Friday All Night Show first hour

November 26th, 2010

Welcome to the Friday All Night Show...ten minutes late due to a defective CDR...we fade in with Waty, and her single, "Rabbit".   Other tracks include Joel Plasket, a talented indie artist from Dartmouth-Halifax NS CAN, and two tracks from his 3-CD set, Three.  Taking from WWUH's new music libraries (rock and folk), the show rounds out with tracks from You Me At Six, Perfume Genius, Shawn Camp, and Kendl Winter.  

Before the failed CDR, we had featured two new artists who will be mainstays on The Bandwagon, Dane Scozzari* with his new album 2010: Profile of Humanity, and Aimee Brownlee**, with her song "Put Your Hands On Me" from her EP, East of Leaving.  "Put Your Hands On Me" is a breathtaking love song that has just the right production to heighten the intesity of the lyrics and the intimacy of the song.  Her manager tells us that she only plays it live in New York City, because it is there that she has a piano player (for live gigs with her full band).  Her other shows and tours are "low overhead" productions consisting of Addie and her guitar.

*Dane Scozzari's tracks are heard on the subsequent podcasts for November 20, 2010, It's My Vinyl and The Band Wagon

**Aimee Brownlee's track "Put Your Hands On Me" was also replayed in order to be included in the podcasts, and found on The Band Wagon.

It’s My Vinyl !! August 14, 2010

November 14th, 2010

This episode of It's My Vinyl was broadcast on August 14, 2010, between 4am and 5am and features the album Gold by Neil Diamond, in its entirety.  It's a capture of classic Neil in his singer/songwriter folk days circa 1970.  The LP was originally issued on the Uni Records label, distributed by Universal Records and MCA.  Because it's a live album and contains live versions of Neil's hits on Bang Records, Uni can capitalize on the lucrative Bang catalogue for Neil by issuing this album, but, truly, it is a good performance, and the songs are presented in their live versions very well. It was later re-issued on MCA with the sky blue label imprint and is, now, likely available on CD.

Bandwagon NOV 6, 2010

November 14th, 2010

Unsigned artists presented on the November 6, 2010, episode of The Band Wagon include: Annie Calder "Maybe Tonight", Laugh John Laugh "Price of the Medicine", Caleb Hawley "My Own Two Feet", A Bunch of Guys "Glory Glory Halleluja!", and Mary Anne Christopher's "Let's Be Frank" from Frank - the Musical; also included are Paul Sforza "One Way", Lisa Bianco "Breakin", LiLi Roquelin ("Blues Alone" received honorable mention in the 2009 John Lennon songwriting contest), and Hipbone's "Help From The Man".  You'll also hear from a band known as Selfish Steam with their track "Candy In A Store" from their early Y2K ep Got Steam?.