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“Everything I Know”

July 22nd, 2012

This would be the "B-side" of the "Sun Is Shining" single, if such a format still existed.  Originally recorded as a demo for LiLi Roquelin, producer Bruce Gordon identified it as a potential candidate for the upcoming Sam Scozzari album, Some of Adam's DNA.  LiLi went on to co-author and record "Oh Brother" for her forthcoming album (another song on the song demo in that session), and "Everything I Know" was recorded at Greenpoint Studios with Bruce Gordon as producer.

Written by Sam Scozzari, (p)published by Sam Scozzari Publishing BMI, (c) 2005, 2012

Sam Scozzari - lead and background vocals, drums, piano, organ, keyboard vibes

Bruce Gordon - all guitars, background vocals ("she...")