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Marathon #1 (6/6) BandWagon for December 18, 2010

December 29th, 2011

All of the holiday related music I have by unsigned artists (Lisa Redford, Marshall Styler, Kayte Strong).......and year-round tracks from Kenny Siegal, Global Kriener, The Mad Maggies, Resurrection*, Wildman Wilson promo spot 'drop-in', Karen Baxter, Anna Zoe (rare early demos), Kevin Bents, Cassandra (now Cass) Kubinski, and James Adamo...then you'll hear the transition into Polka Madness as the show fades away........  (*the Resurrection track, "Keep On Lovin' " was written by Sam Scozzari and John Kralles, Salmon John Music, a subsidiary of  Sam Scozzari Publishing, BMI)