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Marathon #1 (4/6) FANS for December 18, 2010 (New old Apple)

December 29th, 2011

Friday All Night Show - first hour: in hour 4 of a 6-hour broadcast, filling in for John Scott 12-midnight to 3am, and then FANS 3am-6am, this hour of music features Come And Get It: The Best of Apple Records, which was a box set released in the late fall of 2010, which featured digital versions of many out-of -print non-Beatles/non-solo/non-Yoko, Apple albums and singles (single A-sides only), remastered for CD, including Wildman Wilson's friend, Brute Force, with "King of Fuh" among will hear some great demos from Badfinger, and remastered cuts from Mary Hopkin, Billy Preston, Rhada Krishna Temple, and Jackie Lomax.